Saturday, July 21, 2007

Travel Plans

It took two hours at AAA to get our travel plans turned into maps and a Trip Tik. By the time I was done, while John napped in the car, I had two ladies who sounded like they wanted to ride in the back seat, and one who wants to bring her guitar to our house when we return. We exchanged phone numbers. I'm really looking forward to knowing her better. (Hi, Barb. I sure did have fun meeting you.) She seemed a little hesitant about possible differences in experience levels. I explained that I have two statements that are always true about my music playing. I play good enough to have fun, and I play good enough to impress anyone who doesn't play. Believe it or not, she also collects stupid songs, and by comparing titles, it seems we know several that the other has never heard. Now that's a bonus!

Yes, we probably could have trimmed a good half hour off the mapping experience if we hadn't had so much fun, but then it wouldn't have been so much fun. Does that sound like a good trade? Not to me.

The outline of our trip is - Colorado to Maine, the only state I've never visited; then to Cape Cod, Massachusettes, for a wedding. From there we'll go to New Haven, Connecticut to see our youngest son, his wife and our 7-month old granddaughter. We'll spend a week there, then head to Wisconsin and Upper Michigan to visit my side of the family - aunts, uncles, and a whole herd of cousins, and back to Wisconsin before heading home. The whole trip will last a month. I'll be touring some fancy outhouses my cousin Joe builds. That's one of the highlights. I've seen them before. The photos were murdered (it's a long, sad story.)

We'll leave Thursday the 26th at the crack of dawn, the best time to hit the road, and I'll be writing in my blog whenever I have internet access and energy to keep my eyes open on the same night. You can keep track of us that way, just in case you're afraid we'll show up on your doorstep.

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Ben said...

Two hours at AAA for a route? I love AAA and all, but don't you have GPS?