Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 3, Elkhard, Indiana to Rochester, NY

Today we realized that somewhere yesterday we missed a sign telling that us we had passed into the Eastern time zone. That sure saved us an hour today. (Please don't argue with my brand of logic. John already tried, and it didn't work for him either.)

We went through Ohio on the turnpike, and I had memories of my Dad driving the Pennsylvania turnpike. He liked to drive fast. At that time when you got your toll pass, it would be time stamped. When you came off the turnpike and payed your toll at the other end, if you had made it through in less time than it would take if you had followed the speed limit, you were also given a speeding ticket. My dad would stop at either Howard Johnson's or Stuckeys and we'd get an ice cream while Mom got a pecan log. We'd waste just enough time to make up for him speeding. John just drives the speed limit. It's probably less stressful John's way.

At one time we were passed by an OLD Hudson automobile. It looked like it was straight out of a roaring 20's gangster movie, but my guess is that it didn't have its original engine, since it blew past us like we were standing still. Of course, we were only going 65.

Today I wrested control of the stereo from John, and we listened to the soundtrack from The Muppet Movie; Eric Clapton Unplugged; Scot Joplin; Silver City Pink, and DirtFoot. At that point (I think the Louisiana Delta Blues was too much for that Texas country boy) he pulled into a gas station and asked me to run in and get him a drink. When I came out, Alabama was playing on XM again. I had a few more tunes I wanted to hear, but I guess I was pushing it with DirtFoot.

Best Billboard so far on this trip: (Found in Cleveland, Ohio)
"Photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue;
Headline "As a Student, He was No Einstein."
Caption 'Confidence: Pass it on!'

Best Road Sign: (Found in New York)
"Seat Belts Required Next Million Miles"

Today's license plate tallies: 34 States; 4 Canadian Provinces

And finally: enough silliness about the pioneers. Today John admitted that he'd wondered every time he's seen these deep dense Eastern forests — just how did the pioneers manage to forge their trails through all those trees? I told him they just stuck to the roads...


schmath said...

I'm flattered that you listened to SCP on your vacation. You are nice.

Kathleen said...

Schmath - I just happen to love really good music. Have year heard the album Apple Juice by Derek Coombs yet? It's a must!