Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life in the foothills

Full service realtor took on a whole new meaning today when the gentleman who sold our home to us rented out the theatre for his friends and clients to join together for the showing of the new Harry Potter film. He even provided popcorn and soda for everyone. Few things are as rousing as a really great production of a classic battle of good versus evil. This was such a movie.

John and I have had a running conversation about whether the Potter films or the Lord of the Rings films were better. He comes down on the Potter side, with me on the Hobbit side, although I've loved them all. This was probably the best Potter film to date. I love coming out of a film with a good quote - even if I don't remember it exactly. It went kind of like, "The world isn't split into just good people and evil people. We all have some of each. What matters is which part of yourself you decide to act upon." That's just how the world is. I love the way they proved the axiom. Also, I appreciated it when Harry says that their advantage over evil is that they have something worth fighting for. (Harry, Harry - never end a sentence with a preposition!)

Tonight we saw the biggest, fattest rainbow I think I've ever seen, and then drove up into the foothills beyond our home, on the other side of the lake. Having been to 49 of the 50 states, it still amazes me that after living here for a year, with all the beautiful places I've seen in our great country and a couple of others, I'm still overwhelmed at the beauty that surrounds us here. I've never seen anywhere I'd rather live, been anyplace I've felt more comfortable, nor been as content in my life. We are blessed.

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Sherrie said...

I've known this about you and Colorado for a long time, but I love the way you put it. I can't wait till I can come enjoy it with you.