Thursday, July 19, 2007

People pay for this

We were sitting around the campfire... okay, so it was in our back yard. We'd finished our ribs, etc., told stories, laughed a lot, put the guitar to use for awhile and then started roasting marshmallows for the s'mores. It occurred to me that people actually do pay for this. In fact, we often paid to camp at places that weren't nearly as pretty, and we couldn't go inside to sleep in nice beds at the end of the night. I suppose for the real "experience" I could ask my guests to park sleeping bags on the decks, but I'd rather not risk bodily injury. This part of the camping experience is enough now.

What a great night.
I might mention here that I use the term "back yard" very loosely. Our home is built backwards on the lot so that our windows make the best use of the view. This is nice for living in, but confusing for delivery people. Our front door is in the back yard. Our top deck, which looks over our front view, is over the walkout basement. Delivery people love to leave packages by the basement door where we don't find them for a couple of days. I really want to get a sign made. I'm still not sure quite what it should say. Nothing so banal as "Deliveries." Everything I've suggested so far as clever or funny has been voted off the island. We've only been here a year. I'm thinking as fast as I can!

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