Friday, July 13, 2007

Another big day in the Rockies

Here I am, working off-line since our VoIP and wireless modem lines went down right after John went to bed. I think there's a gremlin in the wireless modem that waits for him to go to bed and then blinks out.

We did our major grocery shopping today, and two old sayings came to mind: "Thou shalt not covet" and "What goes around comes around." Let's take them in reverse order. If you know me, you've seen my strange shirt collection. I'm often stopped by people wanting to read or make comments on my shirts. John is usually patient with the process. Usually. Sometimes he just wanders off, and then it can get interesting trying to find him. Today the tables were definitely turned as he wore his Father's Day gift shirt from Ben and Ruth. It's adorned with the colorful hand and foot prints of our granddaughter Ashley, and people were constantly stopping him to make comments. (OK, I coveted. Oops.) I just figured I'd end up with it, because he NEVER wears a shirt that doesn't have a pocket. Never but never.) Oh, well. Now I'll probably never get him out of this one. He was sure smiling big.

After we got home, our mail came with a wonderful surprise of new photos of Ashley for us, though, so I'm pretty happy myself. I have a wonderful rogue's gallery growing on the wall in the den, so I'll just get a couple more little frames...

John got up for water and I made him reboot the system, so I got this pasted in quickly. Tomorrow's another big day. They're all big days. I'm really glad I noticed that.

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Norman said...

>hand and foot prints

We got ours as a pair. Not quite sure where mine is but Helen would know.

Though grandson #1 is off to college next month everybody still wears Helen's around.