Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't Pack Too Early

It's a sorry thing when you do the laundry for a long road trip too early. The bags are ready to be packed, but what are you going to wear during those three days before you leave? There are a few pair of pajamas you'd planned to leave behind. Those are fine around the house, but the neurologist wouldn't be too impressed. That "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" t-shirt wouldn't be great there, either - it's about five years older than the song of the same name. In fact, the song pretty much ruined the shirt for me. There are other similar shirts that are being left behind. I guess I'll pick one of those.

It was a lot easier when my mom took care of that stuff for me. All I had to do was sit on the bags and keep my mouth shut - actually that wasn't an easy thing to do, but brother Ken and I did try on occasion. In fact, Dad memorialized one of our efforts as we waited for the military air transport to fly us out of Churchill, Manitoba, heading back to the States. Nobody asked me to do the laundry or pack anything. Just sit on the bags. It looks like Kenny is praying, doesn't it? Not likely. He's probably hatching a plot. Back then we all had fun trying to get each other in trouble. I'd better not go into any details on the others, but the one I get ribbed about the most was when I got in trouble for trying to flush Kenny down the toilet. He'd just learned to walk. I was a year older then he was. I'm sure he must have deserved it. I just can't remember. Maybe it was really Ellen who did it, and she just managed to blame it on me somehow...

But I digress. What else is new? I think I'll digress right to bed now.


Ellen said...

I wasn't there. I didn't do it. But Kenny probably deserved to be flushed - even if you did get in trouble. Ellen

Jeremy Harrell said...

We have that same Eisnstein Billboard here. Dang he had a long tongue. Miss Einstein must have loved it.