Monday, July 16, 2007

It's so quiet

Even the best of days can be hectic. Today there was was an abundance of preparation for our family coming, the inevitable waiting and excitement, and then the fun of their arrival. A busy day followed with with lots of visiting, and a trip into Boulder to see Tina (my niece, their daughter, who is attending a conference there). Pat and Betty took us all out to dinner there, but since none of us know Boulder, which is an hour from our home, Tina asked the conference coordinator for a recommendation. We walked there from Tina's hotel. It was a medium sized Mediterranean restaurant that was simply exquisite. (Now I know where to have Jeremy's birthday dinner when he comes in September. After all, where do you take a chef for a really great meal?)

So at eleven at night the house gets silent as everyone beds down, and I sit and listen to the quiet for a few minutes. That's part of my routine up here in the hills. It's something I didn't realize I needed so badly until I found it up here. There's so much noise in suburbia that you almost stop hearing it, but the stress it causes is still there. Here, I can sit on the deck, and the very peace of the quiet night just fills me with something I've still not been able to name.

One thing I know, though. When I wake up in the morning, I'll sure be glad to see our guests troop up the stairs from our "visitor's suite."

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