Monday, July 23, 2007

Eating Leftovers

One of those 'send it to everyone you know' email jokes struck me as very funny the other day. It told of a husband who sat down to a meal of leftovers and started to dig right in. His wife reminded him to say grace first, to which he replied that he had blessed all that food the night before. John and I thought that was pretty funny, but we still say grace before eating our leftovers. We've had some really good leftovers, too, and this week we need to eat them or freeze them before we leave. It's hard to freeze salad and strawberries. Ribs are easy to freeze, though, but I doubt there will be much of them left.

While preparing to leave, I've been thinking ahead to our return, because just over a week after we get back, our middle son will be flying in with his girlfriend for eight days. I'm already wondering what to cook for Jeremy — and what to get him to cook for me — when he's here in September for his birthday week. It will be nice to have another lesson by a pro. Maybe he can teach me to cook a couple more of the things I love, like beignets and Beef Wellington. I'm excited about having them come.

He'll be the first of our sons to make it here. I know how busy all the kids are, not that they're really kids any longer, but I also know that when they find the time to come, they will. I also know they'll all love it here, whenever they arrive. They're too in tune with nature not to appreciate what we've found.

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Jeremy Harrell said...

I can prob teach u how to make whatever you want. just send a list ahead of time so I can make sure I bring a recipe if I don't knwo it off the top of my head. P.S. Elisha usually cook her so maybe we can get her to show off her skill.