Thursday, December 4, 2008

Packing Time Again

Snug is a great word, and so descriptive of today. December is perfect for Christmas music, and it compliments our view, filled with a parade of deer wading through the snow-covered grounds. The pines are decorated, truly evergreen beneath their crystal frosting. They don't need ornaments. They couldn't be more beautiful. 

I'd love to be decorating inside tomorrow, preparing for Christmas. I'd put up the nativity set and then place my Santa kneeling by the manger over near the fire. It's one of those paint-it-yourself plaster craft statues I had to try my hand at. I made a few as gifts and finally got one for myself a few years later. I'm so glad I did. Seeing Santa kneeling like that puts both sides of Christmas together like a meditation for me, just as some of the music does.

The snow has stopped falling, so I could get John to hang lights around the deck tomorrow. That would be nice, too. I'd be out there taking photos for my homemade Christmas Cards if we were going to actually be here. This year, however, we'll be gone, heading out Saturday. I've selected cards from a store for the first time in years since we'll be away from home while John works on missiles for awhile. 

I tell him to pretend it's Santa's shop, and they're toy missiles. He just looks at me. I guess this is something I should take more seriously. Leaving home during the holiday season is serious enough. I have to find something to joke about.