Saturday, November 10, 2007

On the Road Again

Here we are on the road again — this time heading to California to join family and friends for a visit, including Thanksgiving at my sister Ellen's home, followed by short forays to see John's sister Kay and to the house at Lake Isabella to get it ready for the colder weather. All in all we'll be home in under three weeks. Still, it was hard to leave. We're expecting snow on Monday. I considered waiting a couple of days so I wouldn't miss that, but didn't think those at the other end would appreciate having their visit shortened, and I really am looking forward to seeing them. (Hi, Sherri... )

Now realize that our first week will be with my Mom, who thinks technology is for NASA. I won't have any internet connection unless I go visit someone else's house who happens to have a computer. And then I'm rude enough to take time from our visit to sit there using their computer to sign on and write my blog. Is that rude? Depends on how long the visit is, I guess.

Under the subtitle of the best laid plans of mice and men: We were going to surprise our son Tighe by showing up at Thanksgiving dinner where he would be very amazed (and, we would hope, overjoyed) to see us. We had it all planned out. So two days before we were to leave, we got a phone call from Tighe asking if he could come join us in Colorado for Thanksgiving. Surprise! Maybe Christmas?