Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's a long road to the Whole Foods Market

Figuring out a title for my blog is always the hardest part. The biggest part of my day today was enjoying my visitors, but I used "Visitors" for a title a couple of days ago. Using Visitors again seems a little redundant. Visitors revisited? That doesn't work for me. So how did I come up with my title? Betty drove us to the Whole Foods Market today. I nearly fell asleep on the way home, being well beyond sleep deprived, and she doesn't know the way back to our house. It's makes for an interesting trip when the pilot has to keep talking to keep the navigator awake.

Tomorrow's ribs are already slow cooking. We don't want anyone to have to actually chew. The only difficulty with our ribs is getting them on the plate without all the bones falling out. Jeremy taught me how to make them, and now it's one of our favorite special meals. John will do the final honors on his grill tomorrow night, along with corn on the cob. Just so you can spend tomorrow wishing you had decided to visit us too, we've got wood already stacked in our fire pit so we can have s'mores for dessert once it gets dark. I even have some sparklers to hand out. (Yes, they're legal here.)

We have a thunder storm coming in, and lightning is just starting to flash across the foothills on the other side of the lake. The radar says it should hit us in about an hour, but it looks a little closer than that. I love the way the storms look and feel. They kind of make me think of "the power and the glory." It sure gives a person a better reason to keep the windows clean than seeing the neighbor's fence ever could. At least for me it does. That goes for the deer and the pine trees as well. That's part of my mental chemistry, I guess. Or I guess I could just be nuts like my kids keep implying. That's always been a possibility.

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