Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On Line... Sort Of

I'm getting ready to send out an email telling people to come visit my first brave attempt at putting up a web site. I have a long way to go, but as far as I know, I don't really have a deadline. We'll be having some visitors here next week, and then we'll be preparing for a four week road trip back East.

John's venture as a DOD consultant won't begin until sometime after we return from our trip. I'm glad about that. I'll never forget when we were dating and he didn't return from one of his trips until two nights before we were to get married. I was a wreck. That was probably the first time I thought I might want to bash him over the head. It seems he didn't tell anyone he was getting married. As he said then, "It wasn't any of their business." OK.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Benjamin for all his help and advice in getting me to believe I could actually do the blog and web site. He also let me know which parts I could do free, and what I actually had no choice but to pay for. That's invaluable all by itself. Thanks, Kid. It's also important to send thanks to Sherrie and John - Sherrie for answering a multitude of questions about her own site, and being available into the wee hours of the morning; and her husband John for never saying (at least loud enough for me to hear) "Is it her again?"


Tina said...

Good job on getting the blog ready before your trip. I've added it to my Bloglines account with all of my other feeds so I can see when you have new posts. Looking forward to being one of your "guests" next week.

Ri said...

Good job on your site!
Have a good trip. - Marrianne

schmath said...

Yay! I wish my mom would make a blog

Ruth said...

This looks great! We'll have fun reading it, for sure.

Debbie DeMatteo said...

Kathleen, great job so far. looking forward to more.
Here is my John's blog site
take a visit and pay particular attention to the blogs on religion, immigration and the hippie backpacker. He has a tendency to rant but he's a fun writer.