Thursday, April 30, 2009

Growing Up

Do you remember being young enough to sit in the back seat and ask, "Are we there yet?" Can you recall running into the kitchen to find out "What's for dinner?" We were sure in a hurry to grow up. At least, everyone I knew was in a hurry. We wanted it all. The driver's licenses, and freedom from parental rules. 

What were we thinking? Wouldn't I just love to sit in the back seat now, not worrying about what the government was thinking or doing; not stressing about the taxes or how many in my country are having financial problems. I wish I didn't know what our dollar is currently worth, or how much our national debt is. 

Parents today must be very brave. Did my folks think that, too? Does it always feel like that, or does it seem like our world is getting to be a more challenging place to raise children? 

Okay, Mom. Maybe I'll just go live with you for awhile. What's for dinner? (I suppose she'd want me to follow her rules again... And watch NBC news. No, I don't suppose that would work for more than a couple days.)

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schmath said...

Doesn't it make you glad you're not a politician? Or an economist? I'd hate to be the one to try to solve all this country's problems. I think anyone who'd run for president right now must be a little crazy.