Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party Photos: Benefit of the Doubt

Wednesday's promised Loveland Tea Party photos have still not been sent to my email address, despite three phone calls. I'm left to wonder several things.

Why do people make promises they don't keep? If a promise is not going to be kept, wouldn't it seem politic (no pun intended) to return phone calls with an explanation? And perhaps most critical of all, if a person plans to run for US Senator, wouldn't their wisdom in selecting staff to promote their bid for election reflect the type of job they might be expected to do once in office?

Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for the photos that James, who introduced himself as Cleve Tidwell's head of public relations, promised to send me in time for Wednesday night's blog. This being Friday, I'm wondering if it wasn't just more political rhetoric. I should be used to that. We get enough of it daily from Washington—from both parties. I just feel like I was blindsided, though, because after talking with him at the rally, I really wasn't expecting it. There seemed to be a genuine depth of character, and straight answers to my questions.

I'll give the man the benefit of the doubt right now. I found Mr. Tidwell's email address on FaceBook about four hours ago and wrote to let him know what was happening. He was there when the promise to send the photos was made, so I have hopes that eventually the photos will appear. I'm an optimist. What can I say? I'll admit I've given up on James, unless there's been a death in his family or something... I'll certainly apologize if he's got an actual excuse. It could happen.


Addendum: Same night, One hour later:
About a half hour after I posted the blog above, links to five of the promised photographs hit my email. The source was sendspace, and they were sent to my secondary email address, the one connected with the blog, not the one given to my contact in Mr. Tidwell's group, so I realize I must have him to thank for coming through for us. Conclusion? Not all people in politics let us down. Conversely, some of us let them down on occasion. Keep that in mind. I plan to. Thanks, Cleve. You're a gentleman indeed. See the photos here with the original blog.

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