Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I've changed a bit from the Easter Sunday when I posed with my sister and two brothers for this photo. Today we didn't pose for any photos. I didn't even have an Easter basket. It was a wonderful Easter, though.

When you don't have family in your area, it's always amazing to have people treat you as if you were family. That's what we have. Our youngest son's brother-in-laws and their families always treat us as if we belong, and we have a great time together, no matter whose house we congregate at. 

Great food, great fun, and a special holiday. It was an exceptional day. I look at the old photo, and know I couldn't possibly have been as happy back then. Thanks, Matt and Heather, for inviting us, and David and Heather for joining in the fun. 


hmerrill said...

Thanks for joining us! It was great to have you and see you again. Next time you need to bring your guitar. Your food was awesome- and I'll enjoy the salad for a few meals to come!! Looking forward to that!

Tina said...

My father doesn't look ANY different!

Ri said...

Glad you were able to have a good Easter with my family! Next time you're in town, I'll have to throw a party so you can not narrow down your contributions . . . they sound delicious!