Saturday, April 18, 2009

After the Tea Party's Over

"The White House says the president is unaware of the tea parties and will hold his own event today," ABC's Dan Harris said on "Good Morning America" on April 15.

Janeane Garofalo rants on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC "news" show, calling those participating in tea parties "white tea-bagging rednecks" who were only there because they hate having a black man in the white house. Olbermann sat there and listened politely.

I could go on... and on, and on. Instead, I'd like to give a few words on normal life after the party's over: the tea party, that is.

Count your blessings. This is still America, where we are allowed to peacefully assemble. Did anyone hear of a single example of one of these rallies not being peaceful? Trust me, it would have been national news if there had been one. The main stream media would have covered that. They were all peaceful.

Have a good home-cooked dinner. Indulge in some ice cream for dessert. Enjoy a call from your friends or family who live far away—or even close. Keep in touch with those who matter. Make something with your own hands. Give it away as a gift. Don't wait for an event, like a birthday. Just surprise someone. Make sure the people in your life know they're important to you. Don't assume they know. Tell them.

Look out your windows. Stand on your porch, or your deck, or in your yard. Listen to the wind or feel the rain on your face. Enjoy the variety and bounty of nature, the beauty of this land.

And if you're a praying sort, don't forget to pray for the future of your country. We need guidance now, not just from those of us who made signs and stood in parks and on street corners, waving to cars and refusing to be the silent majority any longer.

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Ri said...

I'd venture to guess that if these tea parties were for the previous administration, then the news crews would be all over it. You'd see demonstrations covered on every network and in every paper.
Fair and balanced? Not.