Thursday, April 16, 2009


Since I'm still waiting for photos to add to yesterday's blog, I thought I'd dedicate this to my granddaughters. My friend Kathy in Texas sent me some photos, and this one just stood out from all the rest. It reminded me so much of Ashley when she was small and wanted nothing to do with anyone besides her mother. 

Ashley barely knew how to crawl, and I was on the floor trying to entertain her. Her mother Ruth was two rooms away in their kitchen, trying to ignore the growing howls as she prepared dinner. Rolling and dragging herself on her elbows, Ashley managed to make it all the way to the kitchen where she threw herself on her mother's feet with a sound of grievous, whimpering relief. Then she glanced over at me with the most smug expression on her face. As frustrated as I was, I couldn't help but grin at her. She just grinned back, tears still streaking her face. She had what she wanted.

So this picture is for you, Ashley, and for your little sister Kate and all the other little girls and boys who take turns ruling their own little corner of the world. It's great to be a toddler in a home where you are truly loved.

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