Monday, April 20, 2009

Dan Brown to Release The Lost Symbol

Whether you're struggling to perfect your first novel like I am, a seasoned author, a dedicated reader, or just a regular movie buff, most likely you're aware of Dan Brown. I happen to be a fan. I have his books and audio books, but none of the movies.

His novels The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, are about to get a sequel. The Lost Symbol, again starring Brown's complex and intelligent character Robert Langdon, is slated for a six million plus print release on September 15, 2009. Since this isn't the sort of thing I usually blog about, I'd like to explain why I'd tout this book that I haven't even read.

Brown does many things right. He's just a great story teller. He weaves a tale that binds the interest from beginning to end. He not only charms and enchants, but intrigues. He sets puzzles for the reader to solve. His research is a critical element that ensures the pieces all fit without discordant notes. The twists and turns of his plots will often startle and surprise, but never ring false. 

His action is beautifully paced. You'll be able to catch your breath—just often enough. You'll even be able to figure out who to trust—almost. Sometimes. Brown will put you sensually in the scenes, almost smelling the grease on your fingers, or feeling the rain in your hair. No matter how long the novel, you won't get bored.

I suppose it's too early to pre-order. 

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Ri said...

I didn't know he was writing another one. We thoroughly enjoyed the other two books. They were fascinating, intelligent, and real page-turners! Now I know what will be on my list this fall.