Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's All Go To Holland

Ever since our youngest son and his family accepted a promotion that had them relocating to The Netherlands, we've been planning our trip to Holland. Part of the negotiations on his new contract netted round trip air fare once a year for both sets of his children's grandparents. 

Although I lived in Asia, I've never been to Europe. I'm excited. John and I figured our first visit out there would make a wonderful anniversary trip, and by the end of August, when our anniversary rolls around, they'd be more comfortable in their new location, settled and better able to handle company. Our daughter-in-law's parents, however, decided to go while the Spring flowers are in bloom. They leave in four days. I really wish I could do both.

I'm excited for them, of course. I'd like to say I'm not jealous. I don't think that's what I'm feeling—exactly. Knowing I can only go once, I'd still choose the later trip, since the 2nd weekend of September is when they open up all the old historic buildings in Amsterdam to the public for free tours. I have a serious interest in historic architecture, so I don't want to miss that. I know you can't do everything. Still, when Ben and Ruth put up a slideshow this weekend that showed them and the girls, our precious granddaughters, at one of the fabulously colorful gardens, I realized that not everything is going to be available in September. 

I've got it all figured out. We'll get free tickets once a year, as long as they stay there. This year we'll tick off September. Next year, we'll pick a Spring month. I don't suppose they'll want to stay for twelve years?

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Ri said...

Looks like the good thing about waiting is that you'll get an actual bed to sleep on - hopefully - so long as their stuff arrives by September.