Friday, May 1, 2009

Travel Plans

We'll be leaving Sunday for a quick trip to see my brother Pat and his good wife Betty in Parachute, Colorado. We haven't seen them in far too long, and it's only about four hours away, so we'll take a few days for a visit there. As the saying goes, eat, drink and be merry. Tomorrow we may diet. 

As we get ready to leave, I realize that we're packing light for the trip, but will only be home a couple of weeks before the next trip to California for John to work at the missile base again. Unfortunately, the contract still calls for us to pay our own transportation, and our own hotel and food once we get there. The government sure knows how to spend money, but they're not spending it on us. By the time we pay expenses, we'll be gone three weeks and come out ahead by about $250 to $300, depending on how much we eat, and whether or not we bring food with us in the cooler. Food is cheaper by far here in California than it is in California.

We should be in Ventura County by Memorial Week—that is, of course, unless they change the date again. They originally wanted us there the first week of June. They just changed it. Too bad we won't be there in time for Mother's Day. I guess I still need to mail my Mom's gift out there. I hate to ask her to celebrate late. It makes me feel like I'm too cheap to drive to the post office with her gift and card. 

I'm full of complaints today, aren't I? I think I'll just concentrate on going to see Pat and Betty. That's the eat, drink and be merry part. Betty sure knows how to cook.

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