Sunday, May 3, 2009

Too Far Away to Help

Our dear little granddaughter Ashley, just two years and four months old, had her first emergency room experience today. She got her fingertip caught in the door and nearly severed, and it was necessary to have it sewn back on.  If you want all the drama and details, her mom Ruth shared the experience and the anguish on their family blog today.

John and I had stopped for breakfast on our drive to my brother's home, and had just ordered when the cell phone rang, with Ben bringing us the news of her injury. I've never appreciated people who sit in a restaurant and chat on the phone, so I headed outside to talk to him. They usually call us on Sunday, so I expected a nice Amsterdam to Colorado conversation, catching up on the last few days since we've talked or emailed. Suddenly I was sagging against the outside of the building with my stomach upside down.

Ben sounded so upset that he'd gotten light headed enough to have to leave the surgery. I admitted to him that the first time they sewed up Tighe, my oldest, he was only two. I passed out cold on the floor before the first stitch was taken. It's so hard to be far away, but especially in very good or very bad times. I very much want to be there to share the burdens and the hugs.

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