Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I guess that's not news to most, but for me it was just about the best Mother's Day I can remember. Maybe my memory is getting short, but perhaps it was just that the day seemed to roll along so sweetly. I got calls from Jeremy (in Louisiana) and Ben (in The Netherlands), but Tighe was here. It was the first time in years that one of my sons was with me on Mother's Day.

I made one of my favorite breakfast treats, French toast made with cinnamon bread, and scrambled eggs with onions and cheese. I got cards and flowers—not just flowers, but tulips. My daughter-in-law Ruth would appreciate that. She's always loved them best. I've given tulips many times, but never received them before. I'm still smiling.

I used my Koehler cousins' brat recipe for lunch, letting those good Johnsonville brats simmer along with sliced onions for a couple of hours in a dark unnamed brew. Yum. When they were done, their life expectancy was very short. (And no, you can't get drunk on them. The brew just adds to the flavor.)

Dinner was a family affair. We all worked on it. Tighe marinaded sesame chicken and cooked rice. John grilled the chicken on the barbeque. I did a medley of tempura vegetables and a pear and apple cole slaw for side dishes. It all came together beautifully. I need to add that sesame chicken to the things I cook. It was beyond excellent. Then Tighe made one of my favorite little extras, peanut butter cookies for dessert. I was definitely spoiled yesterday. I went to bed kind of early, feeling fat and sassy. 

The only sour note in the whole day was when Tighe turned his ankle. I felt doubly bad. Not only was he in pain, really having trouble walking, but he did it while cutting wood in our yard. He had gone out to our trimmed tree branches with the saw and cut them into fire pit sized pieces. We've had a couple of days of rain, and the ground and wood were fairly soft. He got down near the bottom of the branch pile, and the wood was no longer cutting well, so he decided to give it a couple of days to dry before tackling it again. Then he turned around to jump down a bit and his ankle rolled. It's huge and swollen. 

I'll have to spoil him tonight when he gets back from work. Maybe we should do this again next year... without the ankle pain. I vote yes.

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sherrie said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day. I'm sorry for Tighe's pain and inconvenience, but it's nice to have a reason to spoil him ;) Is the sesame chicken recipe sharable, and does your tempura turn out crisp? Mine is pretty soggy - I'd love tips!