Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open, but we had a great day. I think I ate too much. Betty's sister Bobby and her husband Apple came from Alabama (without the proverbial banjo on their knees, unfortunately). They stopped along the way at a friend's place along the Texas/Oklahoma border somewhere and went fishing, bringing a mountain of cleaned filet of fish with them in their motor home's freezer. 

We all met up for a Southern fish fry at a third sister's home in Grand Junction. JoAnn and her husband Don, also known as Johnny for some strange reason, hosted the boisterous group. Between the laughter and food, the dog racing through, and tours of the Ambassador-sized motor home, it was a day to remember. 

Tomorrow we'll be staying here, having a quiet day. Since our son Tighe joined us in Grand Junction at the end of the evening and followed us back to Pat and Betty's, we'll have a full house tonight in Parachute. Tomorrow Tighe will head back to our house after a round of golf with his Uncle Pat. John and I will follow the next morning. Meanwhile, I do believe I'll be sleeping quite well tonight.

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