Thursday, May 21, 2009

Idol Upset?

Even the news programs are talking about the American Idol winner as being an upset. They're discussing what makes it an upset, and why Kris beat Adam. If you haven't followed the program, you probably don't care. It's interesting, though, how very upset some people are about the choice American phone-in voters made. I do, of course, have an opinion. I haven't heard it on television yet. Perhaps I'm alone with my idea. I'll relate what I've heard on TV first.

I've heard that Adam lost because people thought he was gay. If that were true, I wonder who voted him into the top two? That simply doesn't compute for me. One reporter suggested that Kris won because he's from the South, and there are more people in the South who like music, so they vote more. (What?) Another reporter said she thought it was Kris's "boy next door" appeal that raised him to the top. Maybe. It makes more sense than the other things I heard in the news today.

Here's my take on Kris's win. First off, lots of people don't like to hear screaming, and Adam does scream his songs. However, he screams on pitch, so you can't say he isn't talented. He's not my cup of tea, but I do recognize his talent. I don't think the screaming is the reason he didn't win, by the way. I think the judges and the producers screwed him out of the win. How? They crowned him too early.

Back up a couple of weeks. There was a guest singer on the program who came out to entertain. Was I the only one who was offended when she turned her back to the audience to hold out a cape with "Adam Lambert" emblazoned on the back? Nobody even commented on it. How did the other two contestants feel? How did their fans feel, or the ones who were sitting on the fence? 

When the grand finale song was written that both contestants would have to sing, how many people were offended that it was written in Adam's key? There was a slight apology to Kris that it was written a little too high for him, but that he did a credible job with it anyway. After the singing was over on that penultimate show, the judges basically said that Adam was the American Idol. I wish I had written down their exact words, or saved the program, but I thought at the time that you should never have a coronation before the new king is chosen.

Beyond that, look at the final show. Who was showcased? Adam was. The rock group Queen singing? That's certainly Adam's type of music. Everything was set up to make him shine. It was his moment, scripted and prepped by the producers. 

That's my opinion. People don't like to be told who's going to win before they vote... unless, I guess, it's NBC telling them who the president's going to be.


sherrie said...

We were shocked, but doing a happy dance at our house last night! I think you're right about the judges crowning him too early, but we also just assumed that Adam would win. However, we were also very upset over the cape incident. WE were sure commenting about it! It was TOTALLY inappropriate!

We apparently liked Adam a little better than you did - we actually LIKED several of the songs he sang, even the way he sang a couple of the songs we didn't like, the singing on pitch helped a LOT. I didn't really like to watch him sing, I just don't want to see that much of anyone's tongue.

We were still 'wishing' Kris could win, though, because there was no doubt that Adam would get his career in music with or without a win, but Kris would have a much better chance with the win. YAY! We got what we wanted even though it took us by complete surprise. The only reason I heard on TV that seemed reasonable was that once Danny was voted off, most of his fans would have preferred Kris' music to Adam's.

Whatever, I'm just happy that Kris won!


Kathleen said...

I really didn't dislike Adam. I just wouldn't buy his music because, although I recognize his talent, it's no longer my idea of fun to listen to somebody scream. I agree about his tongue, too. He's not the first to think we all want to see it sticking out. Kiss, Mick Jagger, and little kids all have the same impression.

You've got a point about Danny, though. He was my pick. I loved his smoky voice. I'll be buying his first album.

Ri said...

I didn't follow it until the very end and I love what you said - it is right on. Both are super talented, but Adam will have a career no matter which way. In fact he is now not contracted with AI and can choose his own path, so it will probably work out better for him. I thought his version of "Mad World" was fabulous, but his tendency for screaming got annoying. I didn't like his version of the U2 song - it was irritating. Kris is just so dang cute and almost just every bit as talented, so it's no wonder. And who are these voters? Kids who text hundreds, if not thousands of times each. Is that really accurate?
The stupidest thing I heard reported was from Oprah. She said it was completely shameful that more people voted in the last AI than did in the presidential election. What?? How does thousand of votes from one cell phone equal to one vote from a polling booth?
Also, can anyone say Edward Scissorhands? That's all I could think of when I saw Adam before KISS came out.