Sunday, May 31, 2009

California Trip, Day Three

Days One and Two were spent on the road, and mighty fine days they were. We hit a couple of patches of really heavy rain that lasted about five minutes each. That's perfect for washing the windshield of bugs, and makes for wonderfully interesting and dramatic clouds without causing hazardous driving conditions. We didn't see a single accident along the route, but sure passed many a car pulled over while a uniformed officer wrote out a citation. We didn't cry. Neither did we need to slow down.

We arrived at the California-Nevada border Friday night just before the end of the Laker's game, and I went in and got us a room, watching the end of the game on the monitor at check-in. Then we slept until the alarm John sent went off at five a.m. No, he hadn't warned me. After that, he slept and I lay there wondering why he set the alarm, since we had spent sixteen or seventeen hours on the road and were well ahead of our planned arrival. When I finally fell back asleep, he got up and decided we should leave. I wasn't amused, but did finally crawl out, shower and sleep in the car for another hour.

We made it to Jean and Dave's home around one instead of five. It would have been earlier, but John wanted to take the scenic back roads. I asked why, since Jean lives by the freeway and we were on the freeway, he got off the freeway to get to her house about seventy miles from arrival. He explained that it had been awhile since he'd seen the back roads, and he "just wanted to go that way." I said I didn't know that way, so he was on his own. He said he had the navigator if we got lost. I said I know where her house is, but don't have the address, since my pda got broken, "remember?" "I can find it."

An hour later, when he was lost and angry, it was all my fault. Somehow, I knew it would be. I got out of the car, found an elderly gentleman and asked him where the freeway was. He explained how to get there. I got back in the car and told John how to return to the freeway. Once we did that, it was easy to find Jean.

Now (blessed be) John and Dave have GONE FISHING. Amen to that.

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