Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Political Irony in Tax Speech

Was I the only one choking back laughter yesterday when the Secretary of the Treasury introduced the President with a pompous speech about tax evaders? You'd think they could find someone who wasn't guilty of tax evasion to give that particular speech. Politics has become one of those professions where mothers tend to say, "I'm sure grateful my son didn't go into..." 

I figure with the 800 new IRS agents Geitner boasted the President plans to have the IRS hire to catch the scoundrels cheating on their taxes, maybe we should set up some guidelines. I have a few suggestions. Start with congress. Make sure to do a complete audit of all cabinet members. Check their staff members and aides. Begin at the Federal level, and then go State by State. If your tax return lists your occupation as "politician," you should be audited.

Money recovered from just those discrepancies should more than cover the cost of those 800 new agents. It should also insure that I'm not laughing by myself.

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Ri said...

Agree! You should write a letter suggesting this to your congressman. Congressperson?