Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've always had a strange sense of humor. Here's what I ended up laughing about today, and I'm requesting similar stories from the lives of my friends and readers. I know we all have to have things like this in our lives. 

My husband will not put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder. If there are four squares left, he'll use three of them and leave one for me. I'm used to that. It doesn't even make me mad anymore. I just think it's strange, since you don't actually need to move to change the roll. It's right there in a nice little dispenser. It takes five seconds. 

In the kitchen, however, is a paper towel dispenser. When it runs out, the new paper towel rolls are stored all the way out in the garage on a high shelf. John rarely uses the paper towels. I do. When I run out of paper towels, I'm usually busy. If I don't run out to the garage immediately, John does it. In fact, if he sees that there are just a couple of towels left on the roll, he'll run out and replace it, carefully folding the towels from the old empty roll and putting them on the counter. Is that all logical? 

So what strange and inconsistent funny stories are you willing to share?


schmath said...

Maybe he's storing stuff out there that he doesn't want you to find, like Christmas gifts for the next three years or expensive ham radio gear that he doesn't want you to know he spent money on. I'd go check it out.

schmath said...

What if it's girl scout cookies?! Now you HAVE to check!