Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Unbelievable. First, imagine traveling with a desktop computer—even a small one. Remember the monitor and keyboard have to be packed along with the CPU. Even though it's a Mac Mini, there are still parts that have to come along. The mini has a tiny hard drive, so that means taking along a peripheral drive with my files on it. What good is a writer without files? And what good is my iPod if I can't update it with new audio books?

The obvious reason for this prologue is that I've been dreaming about getting a laptop for quite awhile. The days I spent in the Apple Store over the past three weeks "allowed" me plenty of time to look at and play with the new Macintosh laptops. Wow. It was pretty difficult not to come home without a huge case of the covets. John kept asking me if I'd picked out my new laptop, and I'd laugh and say, "Sure, I want the middle sized pro." Then he let me know, after the taxes were done, that the large pro wasn't that much more, and that's what I should get, with my poor eyesight. He also wants to spring for the anti-glare screen, an extra $50. 

"I don't need that." 
"Sure you do."

We've had a good time discussing it. Today we decided (he decided, after looking at the budget really carefully) that it was now or never, and it was important enough to do it now. Here comes the funny part. Prepare to laugh.

Apple is sold out. There isn't one for sale in the entire State of Colorado. We could order it online, but can't get his "I work as a military consultant" discount. We want that discount. I figure that, since we're already paying our own transportation, food and hotel when he works for them, getting a discount on a laptop is a nice recompense, and doesn't cost the government anything. It's something Apple does for military and government workers. Now that's patriotic. No pinheads there. I should tell Bill O'Reilly. 

Maybe they'll get some more of those sweet machines in tomorrow in the eleven o'clock delivery. If not, they will probably be on Monday's truck. Meanwhile, I logged on to eBags and ordered a carrying case. Next time I travel, I'm going in style. It was a great deal, too, and even cheaper for being purchased on St. Patrick's Day. Cool. I love a deal.

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