Monday, March 30, 2009

Dancing With the Stars: Revenge of the Nerds

If television shows named their seasons like movies named their sequels, this year would definitely be The Revenge of the Nerds on Dancing With the Stars, instead of just "Season 8."

Last year everyone I talked to was suffering through the tedious, clumsy, and eventually not even funny Cloris Leachman routines. This is the sort of thing DVRs were invented for, and I used mine appropriately, rushing through most of her stuff.  It was just too embarrassing to watch.  The judges were beyond kind in their remarks to her, and her fan base (amazingly) just kept voting her back on, week after week.

This year, Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer's co-founder, is not being treated so gently by the panel of judges. In my opinion, he's not nearly as bad as Leachman was, but as much as I love my Macintosh, I wouldn't vote for him as a dancer. He seems like a really nice guy. I've got a hundred questions I'd love to ask him. I sure wish he'd come to dinner. But a dancer? Nope. And yet, his fans keeps voting him back, too. I wonder if people realize it's a dancing competition, not a popularity contest. 

Okay, I'll admit I'm voting for Ty Murray, the cowboy, even though he's not the best, because well, I guess I just see his great potential. And he sure could ride those bulls. (And if you're not a PBR fan, he really does look good in his Wranglers, ladies.)

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