Monday, June 15, 2009

Not a Mirage Trailer

I mentioned a few days ago that we planned to stop on our way home, hoping to get a look at my brother Patrick's trailer. He and his wife Betty have had it over a year now, I believe, but there's always a reason we haven't been able to see it when we've been there. It's been in for a facelift, or something.

I started teasing them that it was a mirage. That harkens back to an old joke my father used to enjoy. What's a mirage garage? It's where you park your car when you don't have one. (I know, it's not that funny, but it'll stick in your mind.) At any rate, I was taking bets that there would be some reason that, once again, we wouldn't get to see it. Nobody took me up on my offer, which I believe was fifty cents each. I'm so glad. It's a really nice (but huge) trailer. Here are a few of the photos I took:

This is Pat relaxing for the camera on the sofa. Anyone who pulls this behind their car all day certainly deserves to relax when they're done driving at night. On the other hand, at least he's not looking for a hotel room. I wonder how easy it is to find parking for a vehicle pulling a 25 foot trailer...

Here's Betty, my sister-in-law, showing all the bells and whistles on her traveling kitchen. It's really nice, with the oven she's next to, plus a nearly full sized refrigerator. That would sure beat a campfire, which is how most of my personal experience of on-the-road cooking has come from. Of course, either one means a clean-up, and I guess I'd rather clean up outside, unless it's hot. I wonder if she's got air conditioning in there. I'm really not able to do heat gracefully.

Obviously this is a table. You can probably imagine all the fun things a couple of people can do with a table while they're traveling.

This is the bed. I'll bet you can probably imagine all the fun... never mind.

John looks like he's giving Pat and Betty advice of some kind. Pat appears to be leaning away from him. (Oh, look! Betty's getting ready to turn off her hearing aid.) It was a long day. I'm glad John doesn't usually read my blogs. Sometimes he doesn't quite understand my sense of humor.

After seeing the trailer, though, I can't say I'd want to pull one behind our car. I wouldn't mind pulling just the bathroom part of it, though. That would be really handy.

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