Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flushed With Pleasure

It's such a small thing, but very annoying to have one of those fancy self-flushing toilets start flushing while I'm still seated. Today while we were on the trip home, we stopped at the Georgetown Visitor Center in Colorado. That's one of our favorite places to stop, since it's only a couple of hours from home, and is always really clean. It's also warm inside in the winter.

Today, however, I started wondering if they had turned one of the "thrones" into a bidet. Not only did it repeatedly flush while I was taking care of business, but it splashed so much I thought I was getting a bath. No, I didn't complain on my way out. That's what you're for.

It felt so great to walk in the door here, though. John emptied the car and I put the food away, but that's about as far as I got. It was great to have Tighe make dinner for us, since I was pretty beat. I've been primarily sleeping in my chair since then. I just woke up and realized everyone else had gone to bed. I think I'll follow their example. I have some photos to post—tomorrow, perhaps. I did get to see Pat & Betty's trailer. It's real, not a mirage. We've also got some photos from the roadside. Perhaps I'll get them together for tomorrow, too. That might be nice. Tonight yawning is more fun.

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sherrie said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound -- and well fed. Kudos to Tighe! My favorite part of any trip is also getting home. It doesn't mean I didn't thoroughly enjoy the trip, it's the security and comfort of HOME. Ahhhh.