Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fair and Balanced—Well, Almost

My son Tighe introduced me to The Daily Show. I've added it to my little battery of daily (no pun intended) political media to watch in order to know just what these crazy politicians are doing to our country. I'm having a hard time right now actually trusting anyone who would run for office. It takes a considerable amount of time and fortitude to sift through what's being broadcast in order to have an informed opinion these days.

I'm not sure Jon Stewart would appreciate my choice of media professionals. I consider Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly necessary. Most people who don't like them really don't watch them, so I'm not concerned with their opinions. Sometimes I think O'Reilly is too concerned with being fair, but that's not really fair of me. It's just that I get stressed out hearing the ultra-liberal point of view so often. It just doesn't compute to me, no matter how they word it. With all the mainstream media ignoring the traditional point of view, I don't know why the only traditional media coverage available to us, Fox News, has to give any time at all to the Secular Progressives, but I guess fair is fair. I'm sure the balance helps build character—somehow. Of course, the SPs don't see the fairness or the balance, so it's certainly not building their character.

At any rate, here's a seven minute segment from one of the Daily Show programs that I particularly appreciated. The gentleman being interviewed was familiar to me. He's been a guest speaker on The Factor and the Glenn Beck Show. I loved this interview. After hearing it, I programmed our DVR to tape The Daily Show. If I'm going to see interviews like this, and I'll admit the humor helps, then I'll learn something without adding too much to the stress I already endure to be politically astute. I do hope I get some comments on this one.

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Pastor Stan said...

Wow! Interesting enough he did not comment on the fact that Bush knew we were headed in this direcition. Granted he did not know to this extent. But I remember him giving us warnings in 2001 about Fannie and company.

Kathleen said...

It kind of goes without saying, since most of the comments at the front, while they were laughing, were during the Bush administration.