Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

The four of us hit the road today, John and I showing Tighe and Stacey what a wonderful area we live in. Of course we had a wonderful breakfast first, and I still have to remember to type out that recipe for impossible breakfast pie for Stacey. I'm sure I'll remember all the changes I made, won't I?

We headed to town with a cooler full of sandwiches and soda, apples and trail mix. We came home with most of it, since breakfast stuck to our ribs better than I had thought it would. We started by heading into Loveland for a nice stroll through Benson Park. That's the park with all of the statues and sculptures in it. John and I really enjoy walking there, and it's a favorite spot for artists as well. I'll post some photos tomorrow, although I'll admit we were there almost exactly at noon, not the best time for photography.

From there we went to the Budweiser Plant for their tour. We always like taking our guests there, because the tour is so interesting, and the tasting room is very accommodating for guests. I'm still trying to remember why we didn't take Ben and Ruth there... I'll have to try hard to remember.

Anyway, when we went through the stables there, we were looking at the beautiful Clydesdales when a little boy asked if they were boy or girls horses. The guide explained that they were all geldings, which meant that they were males that had been gelded. He stopped there and all got quiet in the stable. Then he asked if there were any more questions. The same little boy said, "Yes. If they're all geldings, how do you breed them?" His mother took him by the arm and said, "That's another tour, Son." Some mothers are priceless.

We had ribs for dinner, and then relaxed until sunset, when it was time for our evening campfire. Once in each visit, whenever we have guests, we like to build a fire in the pit and have music outside, build s'mores and play guitar, light off sparklers and have the fun of camping out without the air mattresses and sleeping bags. It was a wonderful night.

Now, if only I hadn't cracked my head nearly open this morning, it would have been a totally perfect day. Oh, well, we can't have everything. If I slam my forehead into the edge of an open cupboard door at full speed once in awhile, I guess I have to live with that. I haven't yet figured out a way to make myself stop it. I just start doing too many things and I don't see it. Well, this time it was bad enough so I think I'll remember for awhile.

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