Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life in the Hotel

Tomorrow I'll have the car, but yesterday and today I sat in the hotel. It's amazing how much I actually got done. I was too busy writing and working on my audio book downloads to even blog last night. I fell asleep. Bad mama. 

It's great having the laptop with me. I have one of those tiny little 500 gig removable drives with my iTunes library on it. I used Mom's library card and borrowed ten audio books on Tuesday, and got nine of them downloaded onto my system. The other one kept skipping, and I finally gave up on it. I'll return them all tomorrow. I've already "read" all the ones on disc at our own library. Actually, it's probably time to see if they've gotten any new ones.

I used to think audio books were just for blind people. After the neurologist told me to listen to three hours a day after my long seizures, I found out how expensive they were to buy. I still budgeted in more than I should have, but borrowed constantly from the library. I also collected coupons and rented from the local Cracker Barrel. 

I was told about the government program, once called Books for the Blind, and got the paperwork for that. Unfortunately, the only physical disability they accept is if you're incapable of holding a book. I suppose I could have my neurologist fight that, since I know someone else who is on the program because her back hurts and she walks with a cane. I haven't figured that one out yet. I'm glad she got on the program, but it doesn't help me. We live too far apart.

Tomorrow I'll do my running around in the morning. I have to visit Lisa to pick up the pennies I left on her couch (pressed souvenir pennies from Ben and Ruth for John). Luckily she's up by 7:30. Then I'll run over to the Assisted Living facility to see if I left my music book there the last time I played for them. If it's not there, then I'm out of ideas. I'm sick about that one. I also want to run by to see Chris Francom, if she's home, and then I'll meet up with Mom. (Do you really care what I plan to do?)

Needless to say, I won't be sitting in the room tomorrow. I miss my view. Our first week is nearly done. My only disappointment, and it's big, is that Schmath flies in the day we drive out. Bummer. No baby hug. 

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