Monday, January 4, 2010

Dr. Bohm in Loveland—One of My Blessings

I had my regularly scheduled visit with the good Dr. Martin Bohm today for my annual checkup. Until I arrived, he wasn't aware I had broken a rib last week, but he didn't miss a beat. If there's a better internist in the area, I would be surprised. I've been going to Dr. Bohm for four years now, and no matter what health problem I've faced, he's proven his ability to understand and treat me with patience, professionalism and understanding. I never feel rushed. He asks all the right questions and really listens to my answers.

I was really pleased when he responded to my embarrassment about how I was injured. He told me that I would be amazed at how many patients he treats who had accidents in the bathroom because they sat down in the wrong spot at night, missing the seat altogether, or hitting the edge and falling off. I'll admit to having thought that no one before me had ever been that stupid. It really did make me feel better, and I realized then that he has a gift for saying the right thing, putting me (and my husband when it's his turn) at ease.

He was a little disgruntled when he saw how many of the 20 pain pills I still had left from the emergency room visit five days ago. He let me know that if I had taken them "as prescribed" I wouldn't have had more than one or two left, if any. Why didn't I take them? I was obviously in a lot of pain. I explained that I was afraid to run out. He told me that the ER doctor had given me enough to get me to my own doctor. He'd take care of me, but I needed to get in front of the pain, not ride on it. I think this week will be better. One to two tablets every 4-6 hours will give me much better relief than the one tablet every ten hours I've been allowing myself, supplemented with aspirin.

He also is really good in the answering questions department. How long am I going to hurt like this? Within about three weeks the rib bones should start sticking together enough to stop rubbing every time I move, which is where the majority of the pain is coming from. The more carefully I move now, the sturdier the "glue" will hold and the pain will start to diminish from that point onward. It won't be overnight, but relief will come. Straight answers are so welcome!

One final word about Dr. Bohm. When he left the room and one of the medical assistants was in there with me, I said something to the effect that I thought he was just a great doctor and a wonderful person. She turned around a flashed me a beautiful smile. "He's also the best boss a person could ever have." So he's not just a blessing to his patients.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I hope you're all better soon! A cracked rib must hurt big time.

Kathleen said...

It's no picnic, Patricia, but I'm moving slow and John's watching over me. Thanks for the good thoughts. Taking the medicine as prescribed (now) is helping.