Friday, January 29, 2010

Jeopardy Champ Rebecca Dixon Shines

Jeopardy is a fun part of our evenings. We enjoy watching it, and even when we travel, we have our DRV set to tape it, then watch the episodes in order when we return. Every once in awhile there's a contestant who just sparks something in me. It doesn't happen very often. Usually I'm more interested in the questions and answers. It's more likely that I'll route against a contestant who irritates me than to really applaud one who appeals to me on an emotional level.

Yesterday and today I kept thinking how nice it would be if this young graduate student would just move somewhere close to us. She sparkled. She got excited. She was fun and happy—and she was a music student... Okay, I guess that weighed the scales in her favor quite a bit. I found Rebecca Dixon to be so refreshing, I was actually getting nervous for her during final jeopardy. That hasn't happened since Ken Jennings.

I was glad they had the little interviews after the first commercial. I often fast forward through them (sorry, Alex) but I listened to hers twice and made notes, hoping that she'd win so I could write about her. Listeners all found out she was a graduate student from Vancouver, Washington. She's on a one year leave of absence from school to prepare for auditions for her Masters in Oboe Performance, what she got her Bachelors Degree in. What really interested me was that she did a year of study in historical musicology. Boy, would I love to talk with her about that.

Google is such a marvelous search engine. After she won today, with a two-day total of $53,002, I did a google search and found a little more information. In case she ever reads this, I want her to know... we do have a guest room if she wants to see Colorado. And it has nothing to do with the winnings. Just bring your oboe, Rebecca. I'll even show you how much fun a rank amateur can have with some guitars and an accordion. (Not at the same time.)


sherrie said...

Me too! I thought it was so charming that she trembled and cried a bit when she won yesterday, and today she was just so excited. I also like how she'd stomp her foot and growl when she gave a wrong answer. She is fun to watch.

And, since you brought up Ken Jennings, I was just about to email you about him tonight. My neice left two days ago for a mission in Busan, Korea, where her mission president will be Ken Jennings dad, Ken Jennings, Jr. I just found this out today and knew you'd be interested in this little bit of trivia. :)

Kathleen said...

Sherrie—You're alive! so good to hear from you... and I thought the junior was the younger one? That is interesting about your niece. I worked with a young lady from South Korea, and she was a sweet, graceful woman and a hard worker. I liked her and her quirky sense of humor. This was at Xircom around 2001.

Patty said...

Ran across your blog because of the oboe reference ...

I, too, was cheering for the oboist. I LOVED that she was so expressive when she got something correct or incorrect. But really that's no surprise ... she's an oboist, after all! ;-)


sherrie said...

Yes, I'm still living ;) We've had LOTS going on this week, the kind that makes me reclusive.

I totally agree with Patty about expressive oboists. In college a chamber orchestra came to play the Brandenburg Concertos. I couldn't take my eyes off the oboist -- his *large* eyebrows danced dramatically during the whole performance. I've loved the Brandenburg Concertos ever since, but I can't hear them without thinking of that man's eyebrows :)

Sig said...

NBC is re-running her first episode on J! today right now in ATX. Looking forward to the Watson matches starting on Valentine's Day<3