Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making Things for Friends

One nice thing about making gifts for people happens when you visit them in their homes and see the gifts in use. There's no greater gift they can give you in return than the obvious pleasure they have in using something you took the time to make for them.

While at Pat and Betty's home we not only got to see—but to enjoy using—the bedspread and pillow shams I had made for them a few years back. She had put them on the guest bed for us. I was really touched. I mentioned that I never did take pictures of the set when I made them, and after we returned home she emailed me a couple of photos. I'm including one here. I think the set turned out really nice, and it's as soft now as it was when I chose the yarn. It's a made-up pattern, so it's one of a kind.

Their home is done in southwestern colors, so it fits right in. Betty was extra nice to send me the photos. I love making things for people, but often forget to get the camera out before I gift them.

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