Saturday, November 7, 2009

Slideshow Promises and Ringling 5 News

I'll begin with an apology for ignoring my blog for so long. I have no excuse, really. Well, perhaps I do, but none I want to share. I now have my cameras downloaded, though, after the California trip, and I'm working on the first slide show. It should be up by tomorrow, showing at least our trip out to the coast, and possibly more.

Meanwhile, here's some really exciting (at least to me) news. If you know me, you realize that music is a huge part of my life. I've been collecting strange music all my life, thanks to a dad who sang pretty weird stuff along with some really fabulous music.

About eight or ten years ago, and that's a big guess since I have a leaky memory where time is concerned, our pastor went to his wife's hometown in Montana. Her uncle, a rodeo cowboy, had broken his neck, though I'm not sure when it happened. They were at his home visiting when The Ringling 5 came to play. Pastor Stan and his wife Ellen immediately realized that this was my kind of music, much of it with offbeat humor, and proceeded to bring me back one of each of their CDs. I've been a huge fan ever since.

This week I got a real kick when one of them, Don S., signed into my web site's guest book. He's the one who also plays accordion and guitar, according to their web site, which matches the two instruments I play. Someone had told him about the good things I've written about their group in several of my blogs. He also let me know they had a newer album out, Faithful Sinners, that I don't have yet. I'll let you know when it arrives... I'm really excited about that. It's Gospel music!

Okay, I'm a little star struck. They're not only really funny, but their lyrics show a profound ability to look deeply into what matters in life. Just think about Grandpa's Barn, and you'll end up saying Ya, sure, you betcha.

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