Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Missing Those Little Girls

Today I called Ruth in Holland and I'm embarrassed to admit that I hardly said hello before I asked if Ashley was still awake and could I please talk to her... She laughed and put her on the phone, so I figure she probably understands that sometimes a grandma just needs to talk to one of her little girls.

We didn't talk for too long, but it was really great. I could hear Kate singing in the background, and Ashley let me know her little sister was learning to sing really good. Since Kate sings so amazingly for someone who won't be three until December, I imagine they'll be singing duets before too long. When I told her we've got snow on the ground and that the deer were really enjoying their new winter coats, she wanted to come here immediately to see them. (What's a few thousand miles to a two year old?)

I was glad to plant the seeds in her mind that Grandpa and I could babysit on the ship one day while we send her mama and dad off to explore for a few hours. (We're going on a cruise in May with them, from Venice down the coast to Athens and back, then flying back to Amsterdam—more on that later.) She said that sounded like lots of fun. It does to us, too.

Seeing Kate and Ashley in California was wonderful. I still have more photos to share, but here's the trip to the zoo. It was a big day for all of us, really special and memorable. Working on this slide show made me laugh and cry, just going over the memories by myself. I love those girls, and I'm so grateful they've been blessed with the parents they have. Ben and Ruth, you do such a fine job together.

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sherrie said...

This is the best slideshow so far! I smiled and laughed all the way through it. Your "littles" are adorable!