Monday, November 16, 2009

Mojave Desert to Lake Isabella

Whenever we go through the Mojave Desert, headed toward Lake Isabella, as we did on our recent trip to California, something happens to my husband's driving. He reverts to his teenage years, straightening the road and becoming a lead foot. The only way I can slow him down is by frequently requesting stops to take photos.

Needless to say, I have MANY photos of these sections of road. Here's a slide show of our most recent trip through the area, a combination of shots taken over a couple of days heading in and out of Lake Isabella. You'll see the Mojave Desert, Lake Isabella and the Kern River.

Now that I've returned from my writing retreat, I'm back on track with making my slide shows for the blog, and need to get California out of the way, since I came back from the retreat with about 300 photos of the ranch where the retreat was held. We got about a foot of snow there this weekend, and it was beautiful. (I finally killed my old boots walking around with my cameras. They went right in the trash when I walked in the door at home.) The new photos have got to wait until I finish the California photos, so here's Mojave to Lake Isabella, in and out. Actually, that's the best way to see it: in and out.

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sherrie said...

You can even make the desert seem beautiful. I've never seen Lake Isabella so blue. And you really caught the Kern River at it's best. I think it's the rockiest, tumbliest beautiful river in California, that I haven't seen for years. Thanks for the tour!