Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back in Colorado

We're in Colorado, but not home yet. We drove through, but mostly in front of the snow storm that's still having fun along our route, driving all the way to my brother's home in Paracute. We were going to spend last night here anyway, but arrived just after eleven at night one day early, and will leave tomorrow for our place.

It's been so good to see the snow after being in 90 plus degree weather in California just a couple of days ago. I have never done heat gracefully, but now it's pure torture. Actually, anything over 75° feels like punishment. We sure had fun with Ellen, though, and it was great seeing Ben and Ruth, Ashley and Kate.

We didn't get to see everyone we wanted, but in addition to family members we at least got to see Sherrie, Stacey and Hanne, Pastor Stan and Al and Becky. I'm thinking we'll stay home for the rest of the Winter, but that's not a sure thing. We might even go back or Thanksgiving. It's still up in the air. I just hate leaving home while the snow's on the ground and our property looks like an advertisement for Winter Wonderlands Are Us.

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