Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye, Returning Home

How can we stand to say goodbye to our children and grandchildren when the visits are so sweet and too infrequent? I've often said that I'm easier to love when I don't live too close. Is it really a joke? Probably not. Like most people, I have more than my share of quirks. Our visits might be short, but they're poignant and blessed, and saying goodbye is always hard.

We worked hard to give them wings, and although we still worry at times and keep them close in prayer and phone calls, some days the miles seem endless. So how exactly can we handle the goodbyes? The last few photos of this slide show pretty much say it all. When you see what we come home to after a visit, you'll understand our contentment with home and hearth. Our roots have been transplanted deeply into this good Colorado soil, and the foothills welcome us home with the deer and the sunsets. I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else.


sherrie said...

It's nice that you have so many great photos and videos to keep your memories fresh in between visits. Your g-daughters are so cute. I loved the intro music - nothing sweeter than little voices.

Kathleen said...

The intro song was Ashley, who won't be three until nearly Christmas. Ruth recorded it, and I find myself playing it frequently.