Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ghent, Belgium—My Favorite City

Of all the places we visited, Ghent, Belgium was my favorite. We were treated so kindly, and it seemed less hurried there. Also, we did get more up close and personal with the history, and it's the place where we ran across that wonderful impromptu concert in the music conservatory while walking down an alleyway.

I've managed to put together a collection of slides and video clips that isn't too outrageously long (6 and a half minutes) which is pretty good, considering the hours I started with. I've tried to keep it lively. Let me know if I succeed. Otherwise, at least I have the memories stored for myself.

Meanwhile, whatever I get posted this week and next (when I'm not working on baby Max's layette) is going to be it for awhile. We leave for California a week from Saturday, and will be gone about a week and a half. (Excuses, excuses...)

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sherrie said...

I liked it! I especially liked hearing "The Lone Ranger" in European! (OK, I know, WTO and all, but that's what it sounded like! Tres Cool!) What a great trip for someone who loves historical architecture so much!!! Thanks for sharing.