Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cologne, Germany: Final Day, European Road Trip

Cologne, Germany was the one city we drove to and left, all in one day, without spending the night. I wasn't sure it would work out very well, but it did. We had a great time and managed to see just about everything. Of course, we were beyond exhausted by the end of the day. It wasn't so much a problem for John and me. We were in a nice quiet car. Ben and Ruth, however, had to listen to the Children's Choir all the way home. I understand Benjamin was close to screaming as well before the final mile was complete. In fact, neither Ashley nor Kate was willing to get into the car for a couple of days afterwards.

We didn't stay in the cathedral long, since the girls didn't feel like being quiet. The crowds were incredible in Cologne, too, and I think that might have been affecting them, as well as being in the car so many miles and walking so many hours for a couple of days in a row. Still, I give so much credit to Ben and Ruth for keeping the girls content. I never saw a single playground in Bruges or Ghent, but everywhere we went with Ben and Ruth, they managed to find one for the kids to run off some steam. I guess they just know where to look? Maybe they start praying for them. (Please, God, they need a playground!)

I didn't take as much video in Cologne, so this clip is shorter. (Did I hear some applause out there?) At the end of the video, we climbed the long flight of stairs and got in our cars, hit the autobahn, driving about four or five hours (I forget) back to The Netherlands to Ben and Ruth's home, and tucking away our Anniversary Trip memories to be played with later.

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