Friday, August 14, 2009

Travel Day

3:21 A.M., and I'm already up and showered. I've gotten dressed, read my email and looked over FaceBook from the night. Nobody was up writing all night, so that didn't take too long. It's almost lunchtime at Ben & Ruth's home. If I work this right, I can sleep some on the plane, and by the time Kate's ready for her nap, maybe she'll let Grandma sleep with her.

On second thought, maybe she'd play with my nose and never go to sleep. That sounds more likely from what I remember about having one-year-olds of my own. They sleep best alone. Grandmas, on the other hand, like to snuggle.

Am I excited? Well, I'm up at this time of the night in somebody else's home, using their computer and being very quiet so I don't wake up them or their dog. You figure it out.

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