Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Does Canada Do It Better?

Yes, that's the title of the 20/20 segment I recommended last week. In case you missed it, I looked on the internet (such wonderful times we live in, as far as information gathering is concerned) and was able to pull up the six minute and 22 second spot. They won't let me embed it in my blog, but I encourage you to spend six and a half minutes to watch this.

Canada is a beautiful country. I lived in Fort Churchill for over two years as a child, and it was an adventure. I'm not sure my mother thought of it that way, but I didn't have four pre-schoolers to bundle into snow-suits. I know this, though. In the early fifties, when I was there, people paid for their medical treatment, and it was as fine as you could get in the United States. I hate to see us following a path that others have proven to be a broken road.

Here's the link.

Now I'm going to go back to packing for my trip to The Netherlands. And I'm really going to pray that I don't need a doctor while I'm there... Ah, well. At least my hair looks good.

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Ben said...

It would be such a shame to need a doctor in what many consider the best medical care system in all of Europe, if not the world. I don't know that I would go that far, but from my experience and what I hear, if you "need" a doctor, you have one. The problem is if you "want" a doctor. If something were to happen to you, I think you might be better off here where you are 5 minutes away from a hospital, as opposed to your current far lengthier drive in Colorado.

When Ashley's finger was severed, it's hard to imagine that we could have received better care anywhere in the world. It's just the follow-up visits that lacked. Interestingly, sewing her finger back on, along with all other hospital expenses didn't cost us a single Euro (apart from the taxes we pay).