Saturday, September 13, 2008

Writer's Conference, Saturday

It's hard to imagine getting more for your money than has been available to those attending this conference. I've learned so much, and had so many opportunities to meet other writers, as well as editors and agents, it's been overwhelming. They're not just here, though. They're fun and helpful. Every question I've asked has been met with answers or an offer to find them. 

Tonight at dinner I was scanning the program and saw the name Jasmine Cresswell. Wow, I thought. I've been reading her books for years. There she was. She's been a member of this group since at least 1985. She won an award that year, Fiction Writer of the Year, so I guess she was probably a member before that. It was a treat to see her.

That wasn't my only treat today. I got to meet Denise Little, editor at Techno Books. We met so I could pitch my novel, and she requested I send her my first thirty pages after the conference. (With bells on...) Don't get too excited. That's not a sale, but it's still thrilling to a novice writer to have someone who's been in the book publishing business for over thirty years to be interested enough to want to read thirty pages. 

Now I lay me down to sleep. Hopefully my cast of characters will stop telling me what they meant to say, compared to what I wrote in the novel, for the duration of the night. Then I might actually find the sun up when my eyes pop open in the morning. For all of you who have so nicely kept me in your thoughts while I progress through this giant learning curve—blessings back to you.

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