Friday, September 12, 2008

Writer's Conference, Friday

I need my young brain back. It's hard to believe how much information came my way today. Some people sat with miniature tape recorders. They were obviously smarter than I am—or maybe they've just been to these conferences before. I have brain overload. I took notes. Lots of notes. Not nearly enough, though, I'm sure.

It's been many years since I wanted so badly to have an out of body experience. The last time was when all three boys had baseball games on different fields at the same time. Today there were three workshops in different rooms simultaneously all day long, and I had to choose. The next two days will be the same, except that Sunday will only be half a day followed by a luncheon and keynote speaker. 

I could write a fantasy about someone who could be in three places at once. I just can't pull it off in real life, and that's what I need right now. If I could actually do that, I suppose they'd charge me triple.

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sherrie said...

Yay! Better too much information than feeling like you spent too much money on too little information, or even worse, being bored. Maybe next year you can have two partners and three tape recorders. That would give all three of you an advantage.

Have fun!