Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bones—Last Season's Cliffhanger

We don't follow too many television series, but one of our favorites is Bones. Last season the series ended with a cliffhanger. The group of investigators was at a celebration. Some of them were taking turns singing. The final scene shows Boone getting shot and Bones holding his unconscious body, blood everywhere. It looks very serious. Fade to black. Roll credits.

This season John and I were eager to find out how it played out. We were pretty sure he hadn't died. After all, the show was continuing for another year, so he must live, right? We tuned in to a two-hour special where Bones and Boone are in Europe. Well, we figured, this must be a special, and they'll get to the conclusion of last year's story line next week. Nope. Here we are, two weeks later, and we're still wondering what happened.

Does anybody know? Did we miss something? We have a DVR that automatically tapes these shows, so we didn't just forget to tune into the program. Did Fox forget to air something? Was it preempted by political programming? Does anyone know? Did anybody else even notice? John is really going crazy about this, so any help would be appreciated. I suppose I could write a conclusion for him, but it wouldn't be the same.


sherrie said...

Sorry, Bones isn't on our must watch list, but they have full episodes on their website, so maybe you can figure it out.


schmath said...

There was another episode after that one. That's too bad you had to wait all summer to find out. Want me to tell you what happened?

Kathleen said...

If it was last season, I can buy it at Amazon for $1.99. We were traveling, so that's probably why we missed it. We ran out of space on the DVR, since we were gone over a month. Duh... Thanks, Schmath!