Monday, September 8, 2008

Angels and Demons

Did you read it? Remember the scene in the Geneva lab with the scary Hadron Collider that could end the world if it were to be activated? Did you think it was fiction? They're testing it tomorrow. 

There was a piece in this morning's newspaper about some of the scientists receiving death threats. Tonight one of the news commentators said a tongue in cheek farewell—just in case the thing produces a black hole that eats the earth. That is one of its supposed possible side-effects.

Knowing how YouTube loves to get in on the act, I went for a look. Sure enough, there was an assortment of insane selections as well as three normal documentary features. I selected The Hadron Rap. (Not as good as Sheep Dog Rap, but "good enough for now," to quote Weird Al.) 

Enjoy. And if the Collider test prevents me from ever blogging again, you've been a very tolerant audience.

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